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How We Help Your Customers Find You?

Many people are loss because of the so many marketing tools available out there. We help you to discover which one you should concentrate on and why.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing is what will inform Google of your authority and the relevance that you have with your customers. Over time, the results from content marketing will increase when more readers benefit from it. 

With all our Digital Marketing packages, we’ll plan and write content after researching it is something that customers actual search for and read. We combine this with an explainer video with every content too.

Often times, when we write, we don’t get as many readers as we hoped for. The reason for this is, customers speaks in a common language and doesn’t necessarily know industry lingo.  

Knowing what words they use when they make a ‘google search’ is the first step for a good content. We’ll do this for the duration of the package.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process off making sure everything on your website is as favourable to Google as much as possible.  Computers are robots, and they work by a certain process. Understanding that process will allow us to work hand in hand rather than in conflict. 

As the SEO impact cannot be felt immediately, it is often neglected. However the impact can be seen 6 months to 1 year down the road when more junior sites out rank you.  It ‘s like exercising, you realise the importance of it only when things has turned for the worst.

A proper SEO strategy will bring long term organic traffic to the website which is free and this traffic will potentially compound over time.

Social Media Marketing Package

Social Media has allowed everybody to reach out to a large group of audience in a matter of seconds at a click of a button.

As we also offer social media marketing packages, you can also get us to manage your social media marketing.

Our Content Marketing strategy for Google will work together with content creation for Social Media. Proper marketing coordination can create contents that are beneficial across all mediums. For one effort you can get multiple results.

Facebook Ads Social Media Advertising and Video Ads

If you are looking to get immediate results, with paid advertising you can see almost immediate ROI. It’s like paying toll to use the Express Way, it helps you get to where you need to be faster. 

When you combine paid advertising with content marketing, you are helping your business benefit from both a short term and a long term strategy.

Once your  customers funnel is ready, you can also expand and do social media paid ads, multiple video ads which will further boost the effectiveness of your paid advertising campaign.

I Know I Need

You know this is something that your business needs. Get Faster results with our Comprehensive Pack
RM 2599 Per Month
  • 3 Blog post (Total 18)
  • 3 SEO long-tail keyword (Total 18)
  • 18 Blog-derived social post (Total 108)
  • 5 Royalty-free design (Total 30)
  • 3 Blog-derived video (Total 18)
  • 6-month contract
  • BONUS Video Production (one-time)
  • BONUS RM500
    /month credit (Google Ads/Facebook Ads)

I Want A Little Extra Boost

You like the Comprehensive Pack but you want an Extra edge. Get an Extra edge with our Comprehensive Plus Pack
RM 2899 Per Month
  • 3 Blog post (Total 18)
  • 3 SEO long-tail keyword (Total 18)
  • 18 Blog-derived social post (Total 108)
  • 5 Royalty-free design (Total 30)
  • 5 Blog-derived video (Total 30)
  • 6-month contract
  • BONUS Video Production (one-time)
  • BONUS RM500
    /month credit (Google Ads/Facebook Ads)

I Know How It Works! Give Me More

You know how all this works. You have seen the results. Multiply your results with our Multiply Pack
RM 5999 Per Month
  • Please contact us to customize the digital marketing plan that will Multiply your EXISTING results.